The Secret Seat – Portable Pottie


•The total product is biodegradable and eco-friendly.
•Is uses biodegradable plastic inserts to hold the waste for storage.
•It is lightweight and portable and easy to carry.
•It solves the problems of disposing of waste material and also the container that is used is also biodegradable.
•It gives the ability to discard the entire product, leaving a clean campsite.
•Also comes in Camouflage.
****Base Sold Separately****


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•Comes with two collection bags      •Eight Waste Bags
•Odor Eliminator Pellets                    •Biodegradable
•Double Ply Waste Bags                    •Eco-Friendly

•The Secret Seat is a biodegradable portable toilet.
•It provides a comfortable, convenient, eco-friendly way to eliminate waste products while maintaining personal cleanliness.
•It allows the camper, hiker (hands-free) and hunters to enjoy the outdoors with the convenience of an at-home facility while respecting the environment.

•The Secret Seat is made of a sturdy, biodegradable corrugated material.
•After use, the waste bags are put into a  collection bag that has a pellet to eliminate odor.                 ****Also comes in Camouflage!!!
•This bag is fastened with Velcro.
•When the collection bags are full, it is sealed and discarded.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 21.50 × 19.25 × 15.5 in
The Secret Seat-Portable Pottie

•Hold up to 300 lbs
•Made in the USA


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