Evidence Glove


This is a Hippo Evidence Forensic Glove – To Preserve Trace Evidence:
•The new Hippo Evidence Forensic Glove that can be elevated off the ground with 2-key features:  kraft platforms.  These 2 platforms allow you to protect and secure key evidence by lifting the victim’s hands up off of the ground out of debris, dirt, mud, water, snow, rain, blood and other foreign elements without contaminating the forensic key evidence.

•The Kraft platform can be removed from the glove in order to allow putting the glove into a body bag.

•Another feature allows you to cover the forearm with a drawstring to secure even more evidence.

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The Unique Advantages of the Hippo Gloves:
•Individual and sterile packaging of each pair of gloves designed for rapid deployment and storage in the field.
•Easy application.
•Breathable non-permeable fabric material so the evidence is not lost or contaminated.
•Cotton lining for capturing, containing, preserving and protecting the evidence.
•One size fits all – ambidextrous style
•Elimination/Identification of suspect or offender.
•Eliminates reasonable doubt in criminal trials and limits defense attorney scrutiny of evidence and evidence impeachment strategies in court proceedings.


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Forensic Glove

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Units: 500 -Unit Price: $6.76=Total: $3,380.00
Units: 1000-Unit Price: $5.37=Total: $5,370.00


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