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Hello Everyone and welcome to my website where I have developed and manufactured Tamper Proof products to meet the needs of customers Predominately in the Foresnsic Testing/Evidence Gathering, and Healthcare Market. I do have one Item the Secret Seat (A Corrugated Porta Potty) that can be used in the Camping and Hunting market as well.


I am an inventor and one of my passions is the collection of trace evidence at crime scenes. I personally have been to crime scenes, visited forensic labs, gone to evidence rooms at police and sheriff stations, sat in on crime cases, read books about evidence collection, read news papers and watched documentaries about crime scene investigations and have witnessed and been fascinated about crime scene contamination.

It has always frustrated me of potential and actual crime scene contamination of trace evidence. It happens and there is always the potential which can occur at the crime scene, during the packaging, along the way of collection and the transportation of the trace evidence to secured facilities or laboratories, and during evidence analysis and storage.

The Hippo difference is that with many other evidence bags on the market require that you carry a closing apparatus–like a stapler–Hippo Evidence Bags have a self-contained closing mechanism. The closing to the bags and the lid of the boxes has an adhesive providing convenience to the evidence gathering.

Hippo is also unique in the way in which one can re-enter sealed evidence bags. Instead of having to cut open bags and reseal the Hippo evidence bags have an adhesive tap that is placed the bottom, back or side of the evidence bag. When you pull off the adhesive tab, there is a designated line where you can cut, hence a ready made second entry point. Once what is needed has been retrieved, the adhesive tab is placed over the entry point and the bag is resealed providing convenience to the lab testing personnel. *This specific additional feature is created upon request.


I decided to put my passion to work and if I can give back to society by developing and manufacturing Tamper Proof products that will protect trace evidence by creating a way to keep them from being tampered with then I have done my job helping law enforcement and our criminal justice system put criminals away.


I want to introduce to you what Trace Evidence is and its importance, and the products that will preserve Trace Evidence. Just to give you a very light introduction, according to http://www.forensicsciencesimplified.org/trace/ Trace evidence is formed when things or matter touch within the boundaries of the crime scene. This type of matter is often times conveyed by heat or produced by touching abrasion. The significance of trace evidence in criminal investigations was shown by Dr. Edmond Locard in the early 20th century.

Gunshot residue, paint chips, soil, finger prints, hair and pollen are only a few examples of trace evidence that may be transferred between individuals, objects or the surroundings in the course of illegal activities. Crime scene examiners can possibly make a connection between the accused and a victim to a related location through trace evidence.

Close examinations of murders published in the forensic science literature show how trace evidence is used to solve crimes. Trace evidence is important in accident investigation, where the movement of one part against another will often leave a tell-tale mark. Such analysis is of great use in forensic engineering.

In advance, I want to state a sincere appreciation for all of my present, referred, and future clients and even those individuals that just puruse my website, if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to leave a comment and email me or get in touch with me on my various social medias. In the mean time take care.

Thanks Warmly,

Raymond Shaw



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